Retreats @ Elm Street Farm 

August 2-3: Enneagram Guided Retreat
WHERE:  Elm Street Farm - Berkley, MA
WHEN: Friday evening at 6pm with dinner to Saturday at 4pm
COST: $95.00 (includes $10 for the online survey; 3 meals and snacks; overnight accommodations; retreat facilities; all retreat materials)

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation.  It is an ancient tool that seeks to examine the nine types of personalities in the world.   Assisted by a simple diagnostic test, learning your Enneagram type offers people a powerful tool to help them achieve their sense of harmony by celebrating our strengths and compassionately working with our weaknesses. This simple yet profound tool provides explanations as to why we behave as we do. Furthermore, it offers guidance about what obstacles might be the most perilous for us. Finally, the Enneagram gives specific suggestions as to how we can further our personal development and live the most satisfying life possible.

The retreat will include taking an online survey to discover your type and then instruction and experiences to provide guidance in the processing of your type and how the other types interact with yours. 

For more information or to register for this event please contact Deb Bellevue via this form below or email her at

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