Parenting Workshop with Josh Cabral


Parenting Workshop with Josh Cabral


For Parents of Children 10 years and under
Dates: May 1, 15, 29
Days/Times: Wednesdays at 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Faciliator: Josh Cabral, MS, LMHC

Is your child acting out of control? Are tantrums and fights a daily occurrence? Do you feel like your family is in a constant state of conflict? Have you tried every strategy, read every book, given it your all and nothing seems to work? Do you just want to enjoy parenting and create a peaceful home? This 6-week workshop will give you the skills to help take back control of your house and be a happier, more effective parent. Learn positive communication skills with your child, ways to help them regulate their emotions, how to set clear limits and expectations as well as other proven strategies. Josh has helped thousands of parents & children over his 10 years in counseling and has developed this class to help you create a more peaceful home-life with happier, more peaceful children. The class is 6 weeks long, with 3 in-person classes at The Well and 3 “virtual" classes sent via email including evaluations, assessments and personalized goals and strategies for your specific family needs.

Workshop Includes:

Week 1 (at The Well): Create an individual detailed assessment of your child and family (conflict patterns, presenting issues, common struggles, etc.)

Week 2: Evaluate and define your individual family culture, philosophy, and vision.

Week 3 (at The Well): Develop and implement strategies and tools to reshape your specific child’s behavior, self-regulation skills and conflict resolution ability.

Week 4: Evaluate and inventory implemented strategies and refine interventions as necessary

Week 5 (at The Well): Revisit parenting goals and strategies and identifying special circumstances or outliers

Week 6 (closing consultation): Follow up resources, suggested reading, and other out-going recommendations.

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