See our Menu of Services for fees. However, final session fees are decided by each individual clinician and should be discussed prior to the first appointment.


At The Well, we seek to help individuals, families, and the community experience spiritual, emotional, and physical healing and wellness. Financial coverage of mental health care can be confusing, so we’ve put together this guide to suggest options.


Like most wellness centers, The Well operates under a Fee for Service model. Rates for psychotherapy typically range from $60-90 per 50-minute appointment. However, the final session fee is decided by each individual clinician and should be discussed prior to the first appointment. Depending on the type of counseling service, how often you meet, and your unique needs, your rate may vary. Speak directly with your provider to determine the appropriate fee for your services.


Some of our providers accept insurance plans for psychotherapy. Check with The Well or your provider to see if your insurance plan is accepted. There are many details involved in the process of payment for the services you receive. In order for this process to flow smoothly, it is essential that you understand your mental health benefits.

Prior to scheduling your first appointment, you must call your health insurance company and ask about your mental health benefits. The number to call is on the back of your insurance card and is usually identified as “Behavioral Health.” Any information given to you by your insurance carrier should be presented to the provider as soon as possible to avoid any claim or payment issues. We suggest asking the following questions:

  1. What are my mental health benefits?

  2. How many visits are authorized, and what is my co-pay and/or deductible?

  3. Do I need a referral or authorization number?

  4. Is the therapist I want to see covered by my plan?

INSURANCE COVERAGE — Out of Network Provider

If the therapist you want to see at The Well does not accept your insurance plan, he or she may qualify as an Out of Network Provider. Insurance companies sometimes will reimburse you or the therapist for visits not covered by insurance. Before making an appointment, call your insurance carrier to inquire about Out of Network Providers, and ask if the therapist at The Well qualifies. Carefully note the requirements about seeing an Out of Network Provider, and speak with your therapist at The Well about the process.


A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) is a special account you put money into that you use to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care costs. You can use an FSA or HSA to pay for copayments, deductibles, and some other health care costs. You may be able to use your FSA or HSA to pay for visits at The Well. Call your FSA or HSA provider to see if mental health counseling visits qualify, and speak with your therapist about submitting payments with these accounts.


The Tana Keating Fund was established at The Well to assist clients who are unable to afford the full cost of services. Thanks to many generous donors, we can provide financial assistance to families who are seeking care. If your application is approved, you typically pay a co-pay, and the Tana Keating Fund contributes the remaining balance to your Fee for Service. To apply for assistance through the Tana Keating Fund, speak with your provider. To contribute to the Tana Keating Fund, please complete our online donation form.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. It is our hope that all clients seeking care at The Well are able to obtain services, and we are happy to help you navigate payment options for your care.


The following are The Well’s financial policies. Your provider may have additional or different policies that will be discussed with you during your initial visit.

OUTSTANDING BALANCE: You are responsible for paying any outstanding balances that insurance companies have not covered. Once we receive an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company, we may need to adjust your balance based on the contracted rate. If you discontinue treatment, you are still responsible for outstanding balances on your account. Please be advised that if your clinician does not receive payment for services, he/she may discontinue your treatment.

CANCELLATIONS / NO SHOWS: You will be charged in full for a missed appointment or cancellation with less than 1 business day’s notice (e.g., Monday appointments need to be cancelled by the preceding Friday).

RETURNED CHECK: In the event that a check is returned, you will be charged a $25 fee, in addition to any bank fees. In the event that a second check is returned, you will be charged the same fees and have to arrange another method of payment.

PHONE CALLS: Typically there is no charge for phone calls. However, phone calls that are extended or constitute therapy may be billed at our standard hourly rate, depending on the circumstances.