Vent: A community art project to anonymously express our hidden thoughts and emotions

The Well: A Center for Hope and Healing is collecting post cards that represent the hidden thoughts and emotions of our community. As a way to bring awareness to the hurt, pain, frustration, confusion, secrets, and struggles we all face, we would be honored to receive your post cards so that we can display them and talk more openly about these issues. Your cards will remain anonymous and will allow us to glimpse into the real and raw issues that we face.

Create your post card and mail it to us at The Well, or drop it in the Vent box in our waiting area. We have tons of blank post cards available in our office. To get a feel for the project, check out PostSecret, the inspiration for Vent.

At The Well, we believe that talking about your secrets and struggles with someone you trust is key to living a whole and healthy life. Please reach out to us if you’d like help processing your pain.

**The Well gratefully acknowledges Cards and Pockets for their generous donation of hundreds of blank post cards for our project. Thank you for your support, C&P!