8-Week Transformation Challenge


8-Week Transformation Challenge


This is not your average weight loss challenge, strict diet change, crazy spit in your face personal trainer.  This is an 8 Week Transformation Challenge, that challenges you to create the best version of YOU! If you are looking to only move the needle of the scale, this is not for you! If you are looking to create a healthy, sustainable, strong, confident LIFESTYLE CHANGE, then look no further!

The Live Right Way's  8-Week Transformation Challenge was not just designed for you to compete against other participants, but it is designed for you to challenge yourself to reach your goals and make changes you have struggled with in the past.

Once you commit to the challenge, you will receive a Questionnaire that will allow TLRW to design your 8-week custom exercise plan. This plan will be designed based off of your current exercise experience level, your specific goals, and designed around any musculoskeletal issues/dysfunctions you may have. Along with your custom exercise plan TLRW will provide you with our nutrition guide that is based on our core beliefs that will help you build a proper, healthy and sustainable nutrition diet and lifestyle. TLRW will provide you with foods to consume, foods to avoid, tips, how to “Set Your Table” and our meal schedule template. After you receive your personalized program TLRW will schedule a 1 on 1 phone consultation to review and help answer any questions. This consultation will ensure you start your 8-week transformation with no questions and clear vision of what it takes for you to be successful. You will be invited to join the TLRW Facebook Group Page where you will receive daily motivation, resources, education, incentives, recipes and support throughout the 8-weeks along with bi-weekly check-ins and access to 24/7 email communication. They are there to help you every step of the way.

Envision yourself 8-weeks from now, at your ideal body weight, over flowing with energy, stronger than ever, and confident that you have built a foundation to live a more vibrant, healthy life!  

For questions, go to www.theliverightway.com

Dates: Begins Monday, July 8th
Facilitators: Nancy Antonucci & Jon Antonucci