#BTW - Sibling Support Group


#BTW - Sibling Support Group

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#BTW (By The Well) Sibling Group is a fun, engaging opportunity for siblings of children with social, emotional or behavioral disabilities to connect with others who share similar experiences.  Our 4-week program helps promote wellness through conversations, creative activities, art exploration and/or games, all focused on building meaningful relationships.  #BTW provides a safe place for siblings to share and learn important skills related to coping, problem solving and relationship building.  Recommended age: 8-13 years old. 

You can sign up for the whole 4-week session ($40) or drop-in for 1 session at a time ($10).

Session 2:  May 1-22nd
Session 3:  May 29-June 19
Days & Time:  Tuesdays 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Facilitator:  Sheri DeChellis

Session Dates: