Let's Write Life Journaling Workshop


Let's Write Life Journaling Workshop


What empowers you to fulfill life goals? Where does joy and happiness show up in your everyday life? What defines your purpose? Do you know where your healing begins in order for you to be strong and boldly move forward? Are you ready to become the author of your life?

Join us for this two-hour event as guest speaker Latonia Francois, trailblazing owner of Let's Write Life, shares her story of how a journey through journaling empowered her to heal past her silent struggle with depression, discover her self-worth, and make a bold decision to Choose Happiness in ways that have lead to her own inner joy and the start of a journaling empire that is changing lives. You will leave with practical journaling techniques that will help you positively transform your life with the power of your words leading the way.

What to bring?

Feel free to bring your own journals, drawing pads, stationery, markers, or art supplies. Varieties of writing and visual art journals are also available for purchase during the workshop.

Today's workshop is cancelled due to a power outage.

Date: Saturday, March 3rd
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00pm
Facilitator: Latonia Francois

For more information, visit www.letswritelife.com